40 Models, 40 Days

Not only are we halfway through November and Scorpio season, we’re also halfway through a great campaign happening on Facebook right now dubbed


It is a collection of photo-stories shot by Emmanuel Bagwana showcasing models, and a few creatives, working in the Ugandan fashion industry. You’ll find commercial, high fashion, runway, editorial, beauty, character, athletic, glamour, plus size and other categories of models all under the same canvas. According to the Facebook page, the shortest model featured is about 5’4″, the tallest around 6’4″. Yes, that’s both of them below!


Emmanuel, the brains behind the campaign and creative director behind Eguana Kampala, used to be a commercial model himself and sees that as one of the few ways a model can get some decent pay in Uganda. That’s why an important part of the project was helping the models learn the basics of commercial modelling thus the white tee and denim for one of the segments.

“As a designer it’s important that I work with world-class models if I want my work to have any impact on a wider scale especially in this era of social media. That’s why the shoots are not only just about concepts and taking photos but also modelling lessons. I interject the sessions with advice on what the models can do to make our clothes look better and how to act more professional.”

Some of that advice is also shared on the campaign’s Facebook page. It’s a known fact in the industry that Uganda’s modelling scene is still very young and needs to grow to a level where more people can do it as a career.

40 MODELS, 40 DAYS 2016

Emmanuel Bagwana Image: Glamour Images Kampala


With campaigns like this, Emmanuel hopes to boost the industry and if modelling and casting agencies continue seeing the importance of conducting their businesses in a much more professional way & demanding fair pay for their models, they will get more than the peanuts that’s currently the case.

We definitely agree: more Ugandan models need to hit the international scene to draw more attention to the local industry and to also show the models back home that they can make it. At the moment Aamito and Patricia are doing a great job of showing the world that Uganda is a potential model-producing country. We need to work on getting to countries like Angola’s level. They have benefited immensely from their models making it big on the international scene that they now have scouts looking out for talent all the time.

All the models in this post have been featured on the page already, we’ll cover the rest when the campaign is concluded, of course! Check out the Facebook page to learn more about the models and see more images from each of their shoots!



Aliet Sarah Styled by Curiosity Arc.

Izak Styles Styled by Kendash Collections Makeup by Nisha Makeup.

Abdallah Hajj Styled by himself & Kais Divo Collection.

Nazziwa Maurine Elizabeth Makeup by  Elisha Eloy.

Words derived from interview with Emmanuel Bagwana.

All photography by Emmanuel Bagwana.


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