5 Hacks For Longer Lasting Lipstick

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1. Use A Lip Primer

Any lipstick stan knows that the staying power of a lipstick counts just as much as the colour does, and using a good primer can give almost any lipstick the ability to stay on your lips for hours on end. Like face primers they prevent feathering, fading, and bleeding of colour by filling in the lines. Your lips aren’t naturally one colour, so unless you create an even vibrant shade with primer or non-mattifying concealer or foundation, your lips won’t look like the lipstick — it’ll be a bit more subdued.

2. Use Lip Liner

Create a barrier around the perimeter of your lips that prevents your lipstick from traveling and feathering. After lining your pout, also use the liner to colour in your lips halfway or fully before applying the lipstick. This will keep lipstick from fading, and it will help it all blend together better, too. Always use a sharp pencil when applying lip liner, but warm it between your index finger and thumb for a few seconds first. Softening the pencil just a tad ensures a smooth application—no tugging or jumping.

3. Blot out properly between coats

This is done by blotting with blotting paper (or tissue paper really) after each application before putting the next coat. Doing so removes excess oil on your lips from the first application, so that the second one grips it better and doesn’t travel off of your lips as quickly. To make your lipstick stay on all day, pull apart the layers of a tissue, place one tissue on your lips, and apply translucent powder on top of the tissue as we describe below.

4. Top up with translucent powder

This allows just a little bit of powder to come through the tissue and deposit onto your lipstick. The powder provides tons of staying power, just like it does to your face makeup. You don’t want to put it directly on your lips though because it’ll look cakey. So, the process is: apply, blot, dust, apply—four steps to turn your average lip colour application into a long-wearing wonder. Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, lightly dust translucent powder, and then apply again. Those extra seconds will you give you hours of extra wear.


5. Redistribute lipstick instead of wiping


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