5 Hacks For Purchasing Authentic Cosmetics in Uganda

5 Hacks for Purchasing Authentic Cosmetics in Uganda Lestylists blog

1. Buy Local

The easiest and cheapest way to get authentic cosmetic products in Uganda, be it makeup, skin and hair care, is to buy from local brands that manufacture & sell in Uganda and are doing well in terms of good reviews. Our blog has a number of Ugandan and African brands highlighted and whose products are reviewed often, this could help you discover some new brands to try out. Pros: most likely cheaper & more accessible than foreign brands. Cons: the line offering might be limited for all your needs as the industry is just growing.

2. Buy From The Official Store

This is essentially a continuation of hack one but also includes the official stores of world-renown cosmetics companies that are opening up in Uganda for example M.A.C Cosmetics has its first store at Acacia Mall in Uganda. With the increasing number in the Kenyan market, more are surely going to tap into the space in Uganda as well. Pros: you get the product direct from the brand shop Cons: these sometimes end up being way pricier than the prices abroad

3. Buy From An Authorised Retailer

An authorised retailer or reseller or distributor is in summary, a retailer person that has gotten (official) permission from the brand to sell and sometimes, distribute its products for them in that particular market. We have a few in Uganda like Eve & Nico, Lintons Beauty World and the OG – Beauty Corner. Do you know any others that you’d like to share? Pros: you are assured of the authenticity Cons: sometimes they don’t carry all the product lines that their brands do

4. Buy Directly Online

If the three options above are still not working for you, another option could be to look for the item online and see if the shops ship online directly to Uganda. Additionally, look for your item on Amazon, ASOS, etc or use a shipping agency to help you buy and deliver the items. We’ve talked about those before here. Pros: you can take advantage of sales seasons & get new products Cons: shipping costs to Uganda are still really high

5. Buy With The Help Of A Friend

Kinda like a last resort, isn’t it? But it needn’t be. If you are not an impulse buyer, especially for something that has already proved really difficult for you to get, having a purchasing schedule could actually work out quite well for you. Here, you write down the list of products you’d like to get and ask one of your friends that live/study abroad and fly into Uganda regularly to help you get them before they fly in. Of course, you must fairly compensate them accordingly, I’d advise that you transfer the money for the cost of your purchases to them beforehand and not be too bossy about it. Pros: it’s the cheapest way to get things from abroad Cons: you have to wait for a very very long time


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