is an online platform to curate interesting events, projects, personalities in the fashion, beauty and natural hair spheres in Uganda. We’re still figuring it out but we’d like to be the alternative you go to for the ultimate run-down on fashion journalism for Uganda. We want to stand out by making the posts on here unique and timeless chronicles that you can refer to anytime when talking about fashion, beauty and natural hair in Uganda.

the name

is not only a play on the popular trope in everyday internet speak “le” to refer to things such as le classmate, le besties, le TL but also  a tribute to the founder’s interest in Parisian street-style in magazines and how it got her interested in the fashion. You can read the title as Le Stylists (loh-style-ists) or the French pronunciation Les Stylists (leh-styl-ists).

we want

more of Ugandan fashion & beauty news to make it to online where more people can easily access it.


are welcome and we’re interested in doing brand show-pieces, product launches/reveals, style editorials and interviews & reviews.

the editor

is Angela Nantongo who you can tweet at @missnantongo or email at angela[at]lestylists[dot]com.

the creative director

is Nyinamugasha whose work you can find at @nyinamugasha.