All Weather Outfit


Everyone has a few. Those all-weather outfits that they can pull out come rain or shine…or even UMEME. Anyone that sees me often will tell you that my one of my favourites must be these houndstooth print leggings and the shoes.

I usually buy my leggings and skinnies in solid colours, but boy am I glad I picked up this pair. The print, is in my opinion the perfect size that it doesn’t make me appear to be any wider or smaller than I actually am. The thickness is also good enough that I can wear them during sweater weather and on a bright, sunny day. Then again, this comes from a girl who will wear skinny jeans on a hot 32° day and not be bothered in the least. But, let’s not digress…these leggings can work for the beach and a late night-out. With no need for ironing!

The shoes are pretty similar in style to Converse trainers. I picked them up at a chinese shop in my first year of uni. I walked into this shoe store with a sale, started trying on shoes and asked for my size because it wasn’t on display. The attendant took one look at my foot and pointed to the men’s section. Awkward. But they apparently didn’t have my size in the women’s so I bought the men’s version of the shoe and as they say, the rest is history. I’ve gone up trails, trudged through puddles and you guessed it, gone to the beach with these shoes. They’re easy to clean and the rubber sole doesn’t get water-damaged.

So if you live in a city with unpredictable weather, like me, or are just going through a crazy rainy season like we are now. Best bet is you’re going to be looking for something that can trudge through a little mud and rain and get you to your destination without worrying about where to hide your gumboots at work or school. If you’re worried about the dirt that a white sole can collect and are not too keen on cleaning daily, there’s black-soled versions you can get instead. Still though, don’t forge that the mud has to get off sometime.

It’s sweater weather for me right now so I actually have a sweatshirt on top my usual ensemble. But as I said, the leggings and rubber-soled pair are still winning on that #AllWeatherOutfit front. Kinda like an all-terrain car, if you think about it.

♥ – MA








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