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Over the summer, my cousin was always going through my bag to see if I’d pulled out a new lippie she could rob me of. Always. And she was always appropriately surprised when that didn’t happen. Then there’s the fact that every week, someone commented about my eyeliner, or even better – the eyebrows!

So I thought, why not write down my daily face-prep items – for quick reference, of course!

Fast-forward to after the cleanser-toner routine, the first thing I’m going to check out in the mirror is my eyebrows to make sure they’re….let’s call it, “doing well”. If they aren’t, I will:

Shape eyebrows with razor

As I said, I always check out my eyebrows in the morning. Sometimes I let them grow out to get a desired shape but most of the time, I’m just touching up previously done work. It’s much easier than remembering to do my eyebrows every 3 weeks or something. Also, eyebrows should ALWAYS be on fleek. They define your face, and that’s a universal truth.

Comb the eyebrows

I have bushy eyebrows that get wild all the time so before I can think to fill them in with pencil, I have to comb the stray hairs into place. This also helps with the aforementioned shaping stage.

Fill in the eyebrows

This is the most complicated part of the routine to master, I guess. According to how dark I want my (already thick AND dark) eyebrows to look, I fill them in with eyebrow pencil. My current go-to is a black one I picked up at a random sale. Apparently the only reason I can get away with using  a black pencil is because my eyebrows are so dark already, it’s believable. Everybody else recommends a dark brown pencil.

Line my eyes

Most days, I’m too late (read too lazy) to do much with my eye makeup, so I usually substitute the mascara and shadow and all for basic black eyeliner. Perfectly applied, obviously. If we’re going for noticeable, I have this kinda subtle cat-eye that I’ve created. Yep! Subtle cat-eye exists.

Prime my lips

I have (chronically) dry lips. I like lipstick. Conclusion = I have to prime my lips before i apply lipstick. Why? Because the primer will not only help my lipstick stick and last longer. But it’ll also not flake too much when my lips do dry out and have me looking like I have sores. I want to buy an actual lip primer but for now, I use my lip-balm. Whichever lip-balm I happen to have in the bag.

Apply lipstick!

Finally! Yep! Last one! I apply a coat (or two) of lipstick. That’s easy. Just put it on, and I’m good to go.

By the way, this takes me less than 10 minutes, including shaping my eyebrows, so don’t even think of judging! 😉

>>>>BONUS<<<<< Dab olive oil on any dry spots during the day; like the crease of my ears, under my nose, etc >>>>>BONUS<<<<<





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