For anyone familiar with Korean skincare routines, they’ve come across the idea of masking and using facial sheet masks in particular. For those that haven’t, masking is a great way to invigorate your skin and give it a boost before/after…

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5 Hacks For Longer Lasting Lipstick

5. Redistribute lipstick instead of wiping

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Any lipstick stan knows that the staying power of a lipstick counts just as much as the colour does, and using a good primer can give almost any lipstick the ability to stay on your lips for hours on end.


Washcloth or Hands?

To use a washcloth or face towel: YAY or NAY? I just read an article on Into The Gloss that pretty much claimed that all cleanser commercials that have ladies eagerly washing their faces without a washcloth are pretty much a lie. And…

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