Chilled-Out Sundays


Ever showed up somewhere and looked around and realised that you weren’t dressed for the occasion ? This happened to my friends and I (and a couple more people) today afternoon.

A few days back, I made my roommate sign up for this art event that was happening at school on Sunday (this Sunday in particular). The email was a school-wide invite to the gallery and asking for volunteers to sign up for a collaborative art-piece with this renown artist that was coming over to school for the grand-opening of the NYU Shanghai art gallery. It was a spur of the moment idea: I only made her do it because her birthdate was still available, and we figured why not. 

So, today after a (short-ish) nap, I wore the first clothes I could get my hands on before the shuttle to the school campus could leave us behind. I patted down my hair, wore no lipstick nor jewellery, and was in my room flip-flops because I forgot to switch them out for shoes in the rush. We get to school, and VOILÀ! There’s a whole arrangement of hors d’oeuvres and drinks set up! Think waiters, fancily-dressed Shanghainese families and all the people at the helm of our university’s administration! And then there’s me and most of the other university kids dressed…well, not like them!

I’m just glad that most of us didn’t know how fancy the event was going to be, we were DEFINITELY not dressed the part, so it wasn’t just Nasu, Nady and I! Thank God we came though, the finger food was really really good. The speeches too, if you were wondering. And in the end, I guess it was alright to act the chilled-out college student role, nobody looked like they were offended much and we had a good time learning about the Chinese artist, Qin Feng.

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