Day 3 Walkthrough – Kampala Fashion Week 2016



Again, Aamito opened the night with a stand-out piece from Catherine & Sons. This years’ collection was familiar but not. It definitely fit the aesthetic of C&S but also introduced new colours and shapes. For me, Catherine & Sons embodies the idea that edgy fashion can be comfortable. I say edgy because the cuts are unconventional, the fitting airy. But as we saw, it’s the top brand to go to for seriously-cool casual. You know when you want to stand out even when you’re just chilling? That.

As blogger and Kona’s ambassador to Kampala Fashion Week 2016 – Lamic Kirabo said, the Kona collection was made up of 5 capsule wardrobe items styled up into fancy evening wear and dressed down to lounging pieces. Basically, a wardrobe every woman needs with the usual Kona accessories to fit. Kona also debuted some new must-have prints for their bags as well as more of their cow-horn jewellery.

Not only did Bobbin & Seif introduce some lovely child models to the KFW runway, they are also the only designer that stuck to one colour and fabric for the entire collection. For me, it feels like an extension of their Desert & Red Indian collections and can definitely see the trend in the craftsmanship. The pieces were gravity-defying at times and portrayed the intricacy of their construction.

Is it stalkerish to say that when I saw Gloria Wavamunno’s show, I could see some elements from previous posts she’d share on her social media about her inspirations and mood as she was creating the MIOF SS17 collection? But I did. Aamito’s entrance was quite the show-stopper, but even more, I appreciated the use of florals and the blue pattern that accented the almost very GW creams.


Kampala Fashion Week 2016

Kampala Fashion Week 2016


Halisi, a new designer to the KFW runways, brought the brightness and colour to Day 3. You know that Oscar de la Renta quote, “Walk like you have three men walking behind you”? It’s like the Halisi outfits were designed with this in mind. The backs of the outfit were works of art on their own. And that’s not to discredit the patterning of the outfits, which was incredible too. In fact there’s something about seeing model, Mahoro Betty on the catwalk that makes me want to see her doing more of that. She carried her Halisi dress so well!

Maison Mimi is a women’s lifestyle brand from Nigeria that had its first KFW this season. The outfits were a mix of different cuts and styles that all together integrated to make for a cohesive collection for special pieces a lady would like to have in her wardrobe. This was a close contender for my favourite collection of the night and I sincerely wish I could own that sheer and pink pants outfit and the short dresses with that ruffle detail.

To close the night, was fittingly Jose Hendo with another one of her sustainability collections inspired by barkcloth and recyclable materials. She had what looked like dyed seatbelts going down the runway!!! Of course it was my favourite collection of the night. It’s just always a marvel to see how she makes wearable pieces from traditionally stiff materials, and the pinkish red with black and white checks this season? Spot on!

One thing is for sure as the room celebrated the finale of a breathtaking week-end of fashion. Uganda’s fashion designers are cementing their place and confirming that they can and will maintain their drive to produce beautiful pieces. The scene is definitely poppin’ and the rise in the number of attendees for the shows and at the po-up shops proves that the fashion consumer in Kampala is interested and spending.

Over the week, we will be diving deep into each individual collection showcased at this Kampala Fashion Week, but for now,

what was your personal favourite from the Day 3 runway? I couldn’t pick one but here’s my top 3:

All photography is by Giulio Molfese.



  1. October 25, 2016 / 2:07 PM

    beautiful…..i look forward to seeing each collection in the upcoming weeks…from your fav looks, i love look 2. I want that skirt,hehehehe

    • Angela
      October 25, 2016 / 4:01 PM

      Isn’t that skirt everything? It’s from Maison Mimi, which is Nigerian-based but they better stock it at Bold or something. Can’t wait to show you more of the collections too!

      • November 1, 2016 / 11:33 AM

        It is everything. I wait to see more of the collection.keep me posted.
        off to look up Maison mimi

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