Facial Cleanser

facial cleanser

Well, if you know anything about the 3-step skincare regimen that most people follow, it’s “advisable” to wash your face, preferably with a dedicated facial cleanser, at least twice a day; apply a toner to freshen and brighten the skin; and finally a moisturiser especially for those susceptible to dry skin, or living in harsh climates to well, moisturise.

So this face washing thing, whoever said you couldn’t do it with just water?

Why get all fancy and buy products that are “dedicated facial cleansers” as though we all don’t have water in our houses? Well, actually you can…if you live in an environment that doesn’t expose you to too much dust/dirt, your skin does not get too oily or sweaty that you have to wipe your face during the course of the day, you don’t live in a climate that has you sweating a lot throughout the day, you don’t regularly apply makeup or powders to your face, you don’t really workout so never have to worry about potential sweat blocking your pores. As you can see, lots of caveats! I recommend a cleanser for everyone that wants to achieve good clear skin and even those with good skin that want to keep it that way.

The right cleanser should completely remove dirt, makeup, and grime, but not strip away too much of your skin’s natural oils or healthy cells. But cleansers are more commonly soap-based and they will typically attempt to wash away all oils on our skin, however, if you pay special attention to what you buy and/or use, you can get mild ones that do the job. If you find that your cleanser is “too gentle” and doesn’t completely remove all the makeup you apply, I recommend buying an oil-based makeup remover product to use beforehand as opposed to buying a harsher cleanser. (PS: Or just use normal baby oil to remove the makeup, it works like trick for me!)

Image from: http://blackandbeautiful.fr/blog/en/2014/08/12/facial-for-dark-skin-cleanse-prepare-moisturise/

If your face feels too tight after cleansing, chances are that your cleanser is too harsh for your face, or y’know, you’re using your body soap, or worse shampoo to wash your face. (Not. Good.) Another thing could be how often you are using the cleanser. The camps are divided on this one, but one thing is for sure…it depends on your personal beauty routine. If you want to do it once a day, it’s better at night after sweating and spending all day exposed to a bunch of particles. After all, in the morning, the only thing you’ve done while asleep was put your head on the pillow. Hopefully.

I prefer to cleanse my face twice a day because I want to start mine off sparkly clean and all. This might not work for everyone especially if your skin is overly dry or sensitive or you don’t work out on a regular basis. It is a fact after all that over-washing can cause redness, extra-sensitivity and irritation.

Another personal rule is that I never use a cleanser if I don’t have toner ready to apply after. This is because of the generally abrasive nature of cleansers that need to be countered with a toner. Without my toner on the ready, I resort to washing my face with cold or lukewarm water, and just moving on with my day. So get to cleansing!

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