For many Ugandans in China, those interested in fashion and not, the brand Tellandy stands out because it is a Ugandan-owned street-fashion brand that has weathered the years and seasons for a while now. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the creative head, Andy Sheiza to talk us through how he’s made it in Hangzhou, China and what he envisions for his clothing line


I have always loved fashion, even when I was still in Uganda, especially street fashion. But I would say that the turning point occurred when I moved to China 5 years ago to do my Computer Science degree. The exposure had me interested in seriously pursuing my passion even as I was studying something completely different. China is a big manufacturing hub and the enormous population serves for a great market base.

But I didn’t start off straight away creating clothes, I first sold clothes and sneakers online and this got me in touch with many big brands and learning their stories had me inspired and willing to give having my own brand a shot. Luckily for me, I had learnt Chinese in my first year in China and had reliable Chinese friends that I have continued to work with up to today. They have truly helped in paving the way for me through the hurdles I encountered.

My style and the style that TELLANDY portrays is that of modern high street style. I want to bridge the gap between high-class fashion and street fashion. The Chinese aesthetic has greatly improved my own creativity as it is similar to Korean street fashion. I have been able to visualise clearly what I want to create and build for the brand in order to stand out, stay original and unique.

My last sold-out collection Royals was inspired by the discrimination going on around the world. Black, yellow or white, we are all ROYALS. But some people don’t get it. Despite the fact that we breathe the same air, have the same blood colour and same physical features, some people still don’t get it. We are all Kings & Queens created by one God, and yet still some people still don’t get it. We celebrated all this oneness of the human experience with this collection and are now soon to release our spring/summer collection FEELINGS.

We’re still growing but I definitely hope to have Tellandy stocking in Uganda in summer 2017. I would definitely love to see more Ugandans at home rocking Tellandy and embracing street fashion. Who is the Tellandy client? Anyone with the self-confidence to wear bold styles and love things that will make them stand out.

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All photos are cout=rtesy of Andy Sheiza and TELLANDY.

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