LBD: Daytime Edition


The first two weeks of school have galloped on so fast, I’m becoming wary of the possibility of disappearing behind a mountain of work and things to catch up with. But of course, I’m enjoying the access to all these end-of-summer sales in the different stores that I can go checkout and not buy because I’m broke. Haha.


I’ve developed a queer obsession with the whole B/W aesthetic. My roommate can tell you how giddy I was when we passed by the C&A store across from our dorms and we saw that the layout was full-out black and white. I had to stop and browse through the clothes. (I’m not the only one that enjoys looking at stuff even though I know I won’t buy or need it, am I?)

So a few days ago, when I was leaving for school, I realised that I was wearing all-black (again) and decided to do a post about it. You know how it’s a universal rule for every lady to own a little black dress (LBD) for an evening do, well I think it’s also alright to have one you can pull out for daytime. Like school, or internship…or even work. A cute, easy-to-wear black dress that’s easy to style.

The one I’m wearing in the pictures has a beaded detail at the neck which means I can forego necklace-hunting in the morning. (+1) It’s above the knee so it’s flirty enough for a lunch or weekend shindig with friends or just the usual going-to-school look. I paired mine with my black pumps (they were the closest shoes to the door) but shoe choice is, I think, subject to what’s available, and how much colour you want with your outfit.

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