Livara’s All-Natural Ugandan Lipsticks

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Gone are the days when shea butter was only known for its miracle skin and hair healing properties. With Livara Shea Butter Cosmetics, the Ugandan beauty industry has its first range of all-natural #MadeInUganda lipsticks. The lipsticks come in a simple and elegant black tube with embossed logo that clicks in place to close, with 4g to last you 4-5 months of daily application. And we all know nobody uses the same lipstick shade everyday! Grab yourself all the shades and update your look while rocking ethically-made Ugandan beauty products.

According to Maxima Nsimenta – founder of Livara, average wear time for the Livara Lippies is 8-10 hours. After having a meal, all one needs to do is rub their lips together – in a forward-back and up-down motion for the lipstick to redistribute itself on the lips. Don’t believe it? Check out our post on lipstick hacks to see her prove it!



Although both are satin finishes, the Shea Black almost looks matte on application. But it’s not! The Tenacious is a red with slight brown & maroon undertones. Of the two reds, it’s the deeper more cherry-coloured one.


Kiss Me Now is the should-be staple red on your cabinet. It has orange undertones much like Mac’s Lady Danger but with a very satin finish. Vivacious, on the other hand is a sheer shade of pearly pink. It’s almost a lip tint, but thicker.


Purple Rain is the deeper pink, close to magenta shade. Like Vivacious, it has a pearl-esque shine to it.While it’s something of a bright colour, it’s still tame enough to be worn on work days, I reckon. Virgin Lips, is the ultimate nude. It matches perfectly with dark skin tones, for that no-makeup makeup look!

Livara Shea Butter Cosmetics Lipstick Information Card on Lestylists

Pictures courtesy of Maxima Nsimenta.


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