As excited about her collection as we are, and grateful for the reception on the Kampala Fashion Week 2016 runway, we have creative director – Mimi Habibah to break it down for us on the ups & downs of having women’s wear brand, Maison Mimi’s first international fashion week. This collection’s journey started from Dubai to London to Abuja and was inspired by


in an ode to the contrasting cultural shocks of these places and their styles.

I live in Abuja and frankly, some of the restrictions due to culture and religion have me looking for an outlet to express my art through modern & edgy fashionable outfits. Most times, I design garments I wish to wear and hope many can relate. I design for the new age classic ladies of modern society, they are driven and passionate. A mixture of Margaret Zhang, Zainab Balogun & Aamito.

The collection was conceived from layering transparent stiffer textures with soft fabrics in symmetrical cuts to create a mixed effect on the eyes and bold silhouettes in demure, youthful colours. While I’m yet to choose a name for the collection, we already have the wearer in mind: she’s a trendsetter who embraces the fact that we use only locally sourced fabrics, and do all production in collaboration with Nigerian artisans.

Despite a few setbacks like delays in arriving in Kampala and a change in model lineups at fittings, I’d say this a moment any designer wouldn’t want to miss! Create opportunities for your brand to expand and collaborate with others. I was even lucky to have my assistant around to help, and a publicist to offer feedback and share my collection with press outlets after the show. In short, clear your schedule and experience the KFW yourself! I for one am grateful to have shared the platform with amazing designers and buyers.

All photography is by Giulio Molfese.


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