MIOF – Gloria Wavamunno’s SS17

Kampala Fashion Week is synonymous with the name Gloria Wavamunno, and justly so! The impressive creative director of Gloria Wavamunno has grown the fashion week franchise with a team of people dedicated to seeing the industry in Uganda flourish each new year. It really does take a village! So, of course it’d be amiss to cover KFW 2016 without delving into GW’s collection. Here, she takes some time off with us to shed some more light on her SS17 collection:


which means My Interpretation Of Female.

This year’s collection was inspired by just being a woman in any version a woman wishes to portray herself. Sometimes I think I have been too repetitive on describing the individual I delight in wearing my work, which is just a woman who is her own self. With any or all different kinds of combination characteristic traits as long as she is comfortable in her own skin or is trying to be.

The colour and pattern palette is floral with texture. I used mainly raw cotton and light jerseys, with the pieces’ structure being loose but constructed with clean detail. I wanted the garments to be versatile for whomever is the client; dress up, dress down, or layer what ever one chooses. I am in the field of creation, creation is a process of development, and to develop one must learn and to me, learning how to benefit and work with one’s surrounding is the whole point of creation. I am always influenced by my surroundings in general, so this collection was just another extension of my brand’s development to its surroundings.

Having studied and showcased in various countries abroad added to my learning process in this industry, as those places gave me insight into how things are created, produced and marketed throughout the industry globally. This definitely has given me a clearer understanding of the overall fashion business structure, which is important for any brand to know in hopes of growth business-wise. I think living and working in Kampala has brought with it a certain unique set of challenges in many areas of this field. But these challenges have engaged and fuelled passion for what I do and wish to express while building a sustainable label.

For me, it’s always a pleasure to create a collection that will showcase at KFW, as its great to have a platform locally to reach the local & continental market. For any designers wanting to showcase next year, I would recommend that your studio is set up to a point that one can take orders and complete those orders to a level of quality. Even if you make one piece per week. The execution and presentation should be at a professional level.

All photography is by Giulio Molfese & Alim Karmali (plustwofive).


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