Monday Blues


Do you ever sit there and wonder what the origin for certain words or expressions is? I kinda do that sometimes… just now I Googled Monday Blues. Sadly, there’s not much on it and all we need to know is that’s it’s the opposite of that happy feeling you get because it’s Friday!

Anyway, today’s my version of “Monday Blues For What?  For Who?” If you like (most of) your classes or like what you do at your job, there’s no need to loathe each new week. For me, that usually needs positive affirmation like:

YAY it’s Monday!

YAY it’s a new chance to do it right!

SO who said blue is a sad colour?

isn’t blue the colour of a CLEAR sky** ,

let’s wear some blues and ROCK it!

   And then, I pray to God that it works out.

So here’s a way I’ve worn blue to cheer up a slow, slow Monday using that “look good, feel good” principle. I chose a lightly textured dark blue top with a patterned lighter blue skirt. It’s only coincidence that both the skirt and top had a leafy motif to them, but I think you could have even just a ribbed jersey top, and it’d work just fine with the skirt. I love the  delicate leafy cutouts of the skirt. It adds the right amount of feminine to any outfit, methinks!

**  in Shanghai, we’re obsessed with clear skies because we hardly ever have those

♥ – MA






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