Natural Hair Starter Pack

I’m a naturalista and a very proud one at that. I get so much joy from knowing that the mane on my head is completely mine and that the texture is what comes out of my follicles. I know of a bunch of people who are transitioning and those that probably are thinking about it and others who have just had their big chop. This right here, is my version of a natural hair starter pack.

  1. Get ready to explain the type of hair you have. Especially to people who understand nothing of what you’ll be saying. It’s no longer just natural hair, it has to be typed. So you could have the kinky kind of 4c hair that i have or you could have the curly 3a hair. However, knowing your hair type is extremely important because then you get to know how to treat and care for it. And, you’ll have an answer for those very annoying people always asking for your hair type like they cannot see it!
  2. Brace yourself for shrinkage. Like major shrinkage, especially if you are planning a no heat regimen. You’ll probably find yourself stretching out your hair and trying to prove to people that it’s actually long. Shrinkage is a lot to deal with, truthfully. First you have to learn to personally embrace it and when you do and when you grow to love it, you’ll stop feeling the pressure of convincing everyone how “long” your hair actually is. Besides, shrinkage serves to prove that your hair is healthy.IMG_9490.JPG
  3. Moisture, moisture and more moisture. And I’m not talking about sweat. Everything you do for your hair will basically be about conserving its moisture. From the Bantu knots and twas made every night, to the use of satin pillowcases and bonnets at night. It’s all about moisture-retention because your hair thrives on it. Especially that extra kinky 4c hair. And yes, moisture leads to even more shrinkage. However, refer back to previous point, shrinkage is…GOOD.
  4. Acknowledge that the kitchen is essential for your hair too. Like seriously. Nearly all the ingredients to make an amazing Italian meal can be used in hair. I’m talking extra virgin olive oil, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, (I should try out Caesar salad in my hair) bananas, yoghurt, avocado. Almost anything you eat can be used, so the excuse of being too broke to condition your hair regularly will probably not work. The most amazing thing about them? They are completely natural and work like a charm. Also, rumour has it that ghee works really well as a detangling agent. I cannot wait to try it out!
  5. I bet you’ve heard of the miraculous power of bobby pins. Can I hear an Amen for the person who invented bobby pins! Life-saver and greatest inventor of all time do not describe the person enough. Jokes, aside bobby pins are a must have for any naturalista who is rocking anything other than a bald head. They are the glue that hold hair together, literally. Styling is made so much easier with pins. Meanwhile, random thought, anyone care to explain where all the pins disappear to ?IMG_9491.PNG
  6. Anything can be used as a hair accessory. From the little brothers’ bow ties to bra straps, there is no limit to what can be used to accessorise hair. Flowers, hairbands and et-all. You simply cannot run out of accessories.
  7. Half the hairstyles you’ll have will not be understood by most people especially if you are keen to be expressive with hair. Yes the creative ones. Or if you are blessed with creative roommates. One thing is for sure, no day is the same when you have you hair out. There has to be a different style. Imagine the all the fun!
  8. The ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ from ladies with relaxed or texturized hair will keep you going. Nothing gets anyone’s attention more than a good head of well-maintained natural hair. And when it gains length, even Brazilian weaves have nothing on it.
  9. Keep your hair in once in a while. Especially when it’s the cold or rainy season. Or even when it’s really hot. This is known as protective styling. You just let your hair rest from the mechanical action of constant combing. The options in protective styling are endless, from weaves to cornrows to braids to buns. It always comes down to what rocks your boat really.
  10. Follow natural hair blogs and social media accounts especially instagram accounts. It’s an amazing place to get inspiration for hair and to meet other naturalistas as well. Yes, we are many. We are a movement! 😉 Here’s our top 5 blogs and instagrams to start out with:

And of course, your new favourite resource: #LeStylistsUg Web. Instagram. Twitter.


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