Nyambadde: the styles of Kampala

Borrowed Creativity

“My style is constantly evolving and changing, I never want to put myself in a certain box and say this is my particular sense of style. It goes through phases, depends on how I’m feeling what is currently inspiring me. Right now it’s faintly minimalist but I’m moving out of that as well. I’m actually […]

The Smart Princess

I’m that girl that loves dressing up. I love being smart (pun intended) and I low-key don’t understand people who don’t. I love dark colours and I adore all-black looks. However, for my school dinner I felt like changing it up a bit and found this dress. And I was complete. Lol, I kid, I was […]

Nyambadde: the style of Kampala

If It works, It works

Even though I have graduated from tiny skirts to work shoes (think kitten heels, eek!), I still rock my Doc Martens when I can! Let the record show your honour, that accessories will forever remain Major Key. And the bigger, definitely the better – I like big bags, big hats, big earrings. And why not?! […]

Nyambadde: the style of Kampala


Every woman deserves to feel pretty. At least that’s what I believe. Whether if it’s make-up or hair or clothes, every woman deserves to look in the mirror before they go out and say “Damn, I look pretty”. I personally have been told, “Oh you don’t know how to dress” or  “That doesn’t really suit you” and […]

Nyambadde - the style of Kampala

Casual Wins

Heels vs HighTops:  I’m a sneakerhead….Apparently this is rare for a girl but I have a pair of the Nike Air Maxes among other brands Shorts vs Skirts: I’m a trouser and shorts person so I will only wear a dress or skirt to church or on the rare occasion though lately I have taken […]

Nyambadde: the style of Kampala

Loud Fashion

I used to be lazy about my style and always do the basic Jeans & T.shirt look until going natural forced me to glam it up. I couldn’t walk around with crazy hair and mediocre clothes anymore, I needed to BRING IT!!! Now I’m all about that big hair + bold lip life (a blood-orange shade […]

Nyambadde - the style of Kampala

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

When I’m not in a high-waisted pencil skirt paired with one of my chiffon blouses, I’m in a dress whose bottom-half is cut just like those skirts. I feel extremely confident in them. That with my lipstick and heels are my conquer-the-world tools. Heels however, don’t happen often because these Kampala streets cannot let a […]

Simple, Chic & Classy

Clad in my outfit of choice – a black velvet top with chiffon detail tucked into brown high-waisted silk trousers, I redeem myself from the careless dress-up tradition that does not provoke any sense of identity or pride. I wear my crown of pure black natural hair – longer than it actually looks – that […]