Peel-able Nail Polish

{Disclaimer: This girl has quite the polish collection, that every so often gets updated with some new snazzy colours or finishes.}


I recently ordered this new kind of nail polish that claims to be peel-able…yep! Like you paint it on like normal polish (but is water-based) and when you’re tired of it, instead of hustling with the usual remover routine, you can just simply peel it ALL off and move on the next colour that’s caught your fancy. I got this one: called the Melbourne set that’s made up of basic colours – blue, red, black and white and a colourless coat. I actually bought the set for the colourless polish otherwise I’d have gone for another more subtle-hued one that I was eyeing.


Now I guess what’s left is for me to try on the colours. Since I’ve never (EVER!) done white polish before, I decided to start with this colour. Also having grown up reading American books, I’ve always read about this fashion law that says “Thou shalt not wear white after labour day” and I’ve always wanted to consciously commit the faux-pas because obviously I already do wear white after the first Monday of September. (Sorry Grandmere!).


The polish applies on pretty well, and peels off just as the packaging says. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of me peeling off the one I had applied wrong and decided to redo, but take my word for it! Also, I only had to apply one coat to get this look on my nails! +1



I’ll try to remember to take pictures after I try on each of the colours so we can see how solid all the set colours turn out to be. Especially the red and blue. But, so far SO GOOD!




What do you think?