Pink Fridays


So October is coming to an end, it’s been a really PINK MONTH on social media with all the breast cancer awareness going on. That was cool and it really gladdened my soul that some guys (read men) took part in it.

I’ve worn a couple of pink nail polish shades this month, and of course everyone’s been wondering what got into me. See, pink and I are not exactly the best of friends. So, yes it was a big deal. But hey, this was a good time to show solidarity with the cause and talk about breast cancer.

So I used the month to learn breast cancer facts, know which bumps are lumps I should worry about (haha), and whatever else caught my fancy. So I’ll end this post with an infographic for you and my pink manicure for the day!


♥ – MA



With my favourite filter! ;)

With my favourite filter! 😉


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