REVIEW: Kentaro Berry Smoothie (Hibiscus And Avocado)

Kentaro Handmade Organics is a popular name on the Ugandan natural hair care scene. Have you really treated your hair if you haven’t bought it some Kentaro goodies to try? This product, that I bought along with the Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Avoghee Deep Conditioner, was my second foray into Kentaro goodies after the African Vanilla Whipped Butter.


Kentaro Berry Smoothie (Hibiscus and Avocado)

The Berry Smoothie comes in a clear 250g/9oz clear tin. The lid has a pink paper with the words Kentaro Handmade Organics – Berry Smoothie – Hibiscus and Avocado. The side has a white paper around it with more product information, the ingredient list and company info.


The smoothie is a hair conditioner that the company claims is a “deep penetrating conditioner to restore moisture, create brilliant shine and reduce shedding and breakage”. I half-expected mine to come with a slightly pink hue and maybe scented but this wasn’t. I should note though that the can got opened through transit as I bought it with a number of other products from the EzN shop and this was the only one that loosened, I must have lost at least half the product to spillage and maybe it oxidized and got to me scentless and just mostly a beige-y brown.

How To Use

This is the next step after the shampoo, to condition your hair. Or to use as a non-clarifying co-wash. Wash out.

Best Use For Me

I tried to be very good about using this after a shampoo and deep-conditioner. But I’ve been a lazy deep conditioner, sadly. Probably number one reason why my hair is in the state it’s at. Also, I don’t think in all the times I used this did I ever wash it out. Why? This conditioner is the perfect leave-in conditioner/styler consistency for me. It’s light enough, yet has body. It’s perfect for styling, and maybe even an in-between alternative for liquid and cream in the LCO method if you do it on wet hair – which you probably always have when reaching for it. I also found it particularly good for conditioning hair the day or two before a wash. Why? It doesn’t leave residue so it blends right in and you have softer and easier to detangle hair on wash day. Especially if you are like me and don’t really use coconut oil or olive oil to co-wash.

Kentaro Berry Smoothie (Hibiscus and Avocado)


Use after washing your hair as a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner, Also use in your styling process but only if you used a rinse-out conditioner. So while I do encourage you to use it liberally, don’t overdo it or you might end up with residue and an itchy scalp after a few uses until you clarify. Also great to use as a pre-poo. Ensure the cover is extra snug if you’re traveling with it.


I’d definitely repurchase another Kentaro Smoothie to give it another chance. Most likely the peppermint one? But I haven’t yet gotten round to it.


Online: Through their Facebook shop.

Store: EzN shop; Shop B4 Crane Bank Building, Kisementi

Phone: +256 783 374921


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Note: I only review products AFTER I have used my first purchase of it to empty. This enables me to formulate opinions of the product and my experience with it as time goes along.



  1. The Good Hair Collective
    November 23, 2017 / 11:50 PM

    Hello les stylists!

    Thank you for this honest review! It’s unfortunate about the spillage during travel. We are working on sealing the deep conditioners to avoid such. Glad you liked the product overall 😊

    • Angela
      November 24, 2017 / 4:12 AM

      Thank you for reading and I will definitely try the product again! xx

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