REVIEW: Kentaro Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo


This shampoo comes in a 258ml/9.1oz clear bottle that contains a mostly clear liquid that is the shampoo. The label is around the bottle with the ingredient list, product info and company info. Did I mention I absolutely love the way the Kentaro products are packaged? I do!


The shampoo is a translucent liquid that doesn’t lather much. It smells heavenly which means, you guessed it, peppermint! If you. It contains tea tree oil and argan oil which means it washes to rid an itchy scalp. Other essential ingredients are eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils.

How To Use

Wet hair thoroughly.Massage a small amount into the scalp. Enjoy the tingle. Rinse with warm water and follow with Kentaro AvoGhee Intense Hydration Mask.

Kentaro Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo lestylists

Kentaro Handmade Organics


Best Use For Me

This is great to use to get a good, mild wash for the hair. I say mild only because I use it when I don’t feel like I need a thorough wash of my scalp which I usually do with my clarifying shampoo bars. This does clean your hair very well though and the peppermint leaves me in a great mood. Sometimes I must admit, I do overdo it just to get more lather and to make sure I get everything. Rest assured though, a little goes a long way. After, I usually use a hair mask or deep-condition.


Use for when you don’t need to clarify hair. Use for an itchy scalp, dandruff problem and dry hair as this doesn’t strip your hair completely of oils. It, in fact, infuses some – hello argan oil! Also, peppermint helps with blood circulation to your scalp so do massage it in as instructed! This is an easy-to-shampoo for a trip, because of the packaging so keep one for your travel bags too!



Yes! I’m on my second bottle already, I think. And I’ll get it again.

To Purchase

Online: Through their Facebook shop.

Store: EzN shop, Shop B4 Crane Bank Building, Kisementi

Phone: +256 783 374921


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