REVIEW: Nissi All Purpose Hair Spray

Nissi Naturals All Purpose Hairspray lestylists


This comes in a clear spray bottle and as well as a big re-filler bottle. This latest purchase was a re-filler bottle as I have my own spray bottle from Nissi at this point.


The hairspray is a semi-clear liquid that smells like heaven on earth. You guessed right, it contains – peppermint oil, lemongrass and rosemary. This is all you need really but there’s more to make the blend. One day, I’ll learn. I hope. In my opinion, it’s the best hairspray I have ever used in my life that was not distilled water.

How To Use

Spray on hair or braids as needed. That means, every morning, before detangling, at any moment, basically.

Best Use For Me

I spray it on dry hair before I detangle for showers, I spray it on freshly washed hair as I condition it and style because my hair dries really quick and I need it moisturized during the routine. I use it on top of my styler because, no reason. I carry little spray bottles with this spray in my bag to spritz on my hair throughout the day. Sometimes I put some apple cider vinegar in these bottles just to help condition and fight a flaky scalp when I get it.


Spray it whenever and wherever you feel like your hair could use a bit of moisture. I do think that it builds up on the hair eventually, like maybe 2 weeks in so use alternatively with water if you hate buildup like I do. The scent is a lovely hair perfume but I won’t overwhelm your other body scents. Use for afros, twists, braids, knots, etc.


I have, and will continue to forever? Tihiiii.



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Note: I only review products AFTER I have used my first purchase of it to empty. This enables me to formulate opinions of the product and my experience with it as time goes along.


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