REVIEW: Nissi Bendera Deep Treatment

Nissi Bendera Deep Treatment


The Bendera comes in a 4oz & 8oz clear tin with black cover. All product info, ingredient list and company info are found on the label around the container. You can see through to the sulphur-yellow colour of the deep treatment.


Bendera Deep Treatment is made to help with increased moisture retention in the hair, it’s yellow (from the red palm oil, I presume) so I always expect it to remove and fight dandruff for me (a la that Sulphur hair thing). It has a scent and though it’s not pleasant, it’s also not off-putting. But I think it’s the kind of smell people will pick off you if you go out with your deep treatment in. This current formulation is an upgrade from the very first Bendera that Nissi ever made that was more solid than this. I like this much better as it is more intuitive to use than when we had to rub out palms together to warm it up before use, so kudos to the Nissi team for seriously taking customer feedback into consideration.

How To Use

After spraying your hair with warm water, apply at least a palm-full to sections of your hair while detangling it. Cover your head with a plastic cap for at least an hour to allow the Bendera to do its wonders. After this, wash hair with Nissi Naturals’ Clarifying Shampoo bar*, then apply a generous amount of vegetable glycerine to dripping wet hair. Lastly, add Nissi Naturals’ SheaFlax cream* using clasped hands motion (prayer motion). Style your hair as desired.

Best Use For Me

I use this as a deep conditioner alternatively both before and after a shampoo session, especially since I use my clarifying bars quite often. It says it’s suitable to use on both dirty and clean hair and boy, have I! When I go into the Nissi salon at Mukwano Courts, I always get the treatment and they use this and their steamer thing and it’s weird how it works but your hair leaves that salon with all the moisture you’ll ever need and you can see your curl pattern. If ever in doubt of how well your Bendera is working, go in and ask for a few tips. I learnt that the longer you leave it in, the better. Also if you can get a steamer, do it, But if you can’t, use a shower cap and wrap a scarf around that too. I sometimes wear this as a style so that I can go out to run errands with the deep conditioner still in.


Can’t stress it enough but leave it in as long as possible. Sometimes I even style my hair into knots or twists with it after “shower-capping” a while and then wash it out the next day. Also feel free to use liberally – there’s quite a lot of product and it’s worth every slather of it to coat all your strands.


Yes yes yes! I have many times over. The family also swears by it and constant use will keep your hair soft.


Nissi Hair Rejuvenating Kit

To Purchase

Online: through website and facebook

Store: Shop 208 Mukwano Courts, Buganda Rd, Kampala

Phone: +256 703 544914

Brand Information

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Note: I only review products AFTER I have used my first purchase of it to empty. This enables me to formulate opinions of the product and my experience with it as time goes along.


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