REVIEW: Nissi Shea Cream

Any long-term reader of this blog knows of my constant and steadfast trust in products from the Nissi Naturals line. They usually are the first Ugandan natural products brand I think of when I’m looking to test out a new product. Why? The owner has done a thorough job of exhibiting just how passionate she is about developing affordable natural products for the Ugandan family, and their information sessions are the most meaningful ones I’ve attended! Doesn’t mean I don’t branch out – product junkie that I am, but I’ll probably have tested out the Nissi item long before I look for an alternative somewhere else.


The Nissi Shea Cream comes in a 250g/8oz white tin with orange packaging paper around the side. The ingredients list and usage instructions as well company info are on the paper.

Nissi Shea Cream lestylists


The cream is beige cream and has a consistency akin to…Vaseline? It’s solidly set in the container but melts in your palm as you rub your fingers together, except for a few stubborn bits as I’ll explain later. It smells really good and hardly smells of shea butter despite it being the main ingredient, thank God!

How To Use

  • Apply to clean, dry skin as a moisturizing cream in place of lotion or a body butter
  • Apply to hair for styling or as the cream in the LOC/LCO methods

Best Use For Me

I used the Nissi Shea Cream often on both my skin and hair in the ways prescribed on the bottle. My skin was always very moisturized for a long time after, even my evening showers no longer felt so drying when I used it earlier in the day. When used with the Nissi Hair Spray, expect a day of great smelling hair. Which could be both a pro and a con, depending on how much you like ubiquitous scents.

Nissi Hair Rejuvenating Kit

The only downside for me while using this product was the fact that, given how solid the product was, there were little grains/flakes of the cream that did not melt in my palm even after a lot of rubbing and would stay on my fingers or on the body or hair after application. As you can imagine, it gets quite annoying seeing these little white-ish balls on you. But as the day goes by, they disappear – I assume melt as they should have in the beginning. I’m not sure if the problem was with the consistency of my specific tin or if it’s the product design but I consistently had to mix this with Aloe Vera Gel to get it to work for me as I wanted.


Use on freshly-washed skin as I think this product doesn’t have water as an ingredient. What it does well is keeping the moisture that you already have on your skin locked in ALLL day. For perfume lovers, apply your perfume on top of it, not under.

For hair, use with freshly conditioned hair or dry hair that needs some pick-me-up. The sheen and definition you get is to die for! Also, you don’t need an oil on top of this. This acts as a sealant cream more than a moisturizing cream on the hair.


The only reason I will not repurchase this is that my Nivea lotion still does the job quite well, and I’ve recently ventured into making a personal whipped blend of shea butter, mango butter and 99% aloe vera that I will be using until I ran out. Also, it’s so grainy and I’m not over that yet.

To Purchase

Online: through website and facebook

Store: Shop 208 Mukwano Courts, Buganda Rd, Kampala

Phone: +256 703 544914

Brand Information

Web  |  Facebook  Nissi Natural Hair & Skincare   |  Twitter  @nissinaturals   |  Instagram @nissinaturals

Note: I only review products AFTER I have used my first purchase of it to empty. This enables me to formulate opinions of the product and my experience with it as time goes along.


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