Isabella Asiimwe, creative director at Isabella Isabeau is not new to the Kampala Fashion Week platform as some might assume. The 29-year old architect was right there cheering on at the beginning in 2010 when the concept was first introduced and was one of the designers that showcased at the 2014 KFW intro show at the Kololo Airstrip. To introduce her Kampala Fashion Week 2016 collection, she answered some questions we had for her;

ri. versi. BEAU

is a part self-titled collection that is a manifestation of all the experimentation and concepts that I have been investigating this year.

It is inspired by origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and the unique relation of simple shapes that create sinuous lines; free flowing and structured all at once as evidenced in the collection featuring multipurpose, adaptable and reversible outfits like fluid palazzo pants with thigh-high slits, two-piece suits and sexy satin slip dresses.

Kampala is a hidden gem that a lot of us creative people take for granted and don’t explore enough. As an architect, the city scape is a big part of what moves my design. I find a lot of mystery and beauty in the more rustic and robust parts of the city. A lot of the versatile elements and combinations of how my pieces can be worn are innately derived from observing street style. 

Once I found the signature fabric for this collection, everything else fell into place; what the theme and mood of the collection was, what colour palette would accentuate the fabric and what cut was required. I think everyone that appreciates the thought and care taken into creating garments that are expressive and yet serve a purpose, what I call functional art, would love to have one of my pieces.

My desired clients are expressive, edgy and yet still quite sophisticated. They know who they are and make no apologies for it.  They can find some of my work shown and sold at The Goat and Kachumbari POP UP SHOP, which is a collaborative effort amongst designers, artisans and entrepreneurs to promote our work void of industry. (Sidenote: The pop up shop is up once a month, every first weekend, at the Yasigi craft beer garden in Kololo. Next one is Nov 4-5, guys!)

All photography is by Giulio Molfese.


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