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Does anybody else wake up on Saturday morning feeling like they need to revamp their body after that damn long week? I do. I wake up with an itch to wash my hair, deep condition, literally scrub my body clean of the week and then find a really good meal for lunch that won’t be rushed.

Once in a while I do both facial and body scrubs before I get into the shower. It feels extremely invigorating to pamper my body and give it that extra extra after a long hard week. Currently I’m using Nissi’s Sugua Facial Scrub and Sugua Body Scrub.  These two scrubs are similar except the body scrub has sugar in it, so I call it my sugar scrub. Where did I get them? Well, well…

My friends know this already but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on the blog before, so here goes. I’m O B S E S S E D with Nissi Naturals which is this Ugandan natural hair and skin care line that was started by Maria. I first discovered her products in 2014 at EnviriZaNacho‘s first natural hair meet-up and it’s been a love-love relationship since! My mother, baby sister and I have used Nissi products for more than a year now, and we’re never going back! Seriously, she makes new products all the time, and you just gotta have it all! I’d claim we’re her biggest fans, but believe me when I say there are lots of happy, hooked customers just like us.

If you haven’t heard of Nissi, today’s your lucky day! Do it for these Ugandan-made scrubs that leave your skin feeling pucker and moisturised at the same time, do it for her hair products that are the only products I don’t make that I use on  my hair, do it for Uganda in fact! And yourself, of course.

PS: My packaging looks different from the products’ packaging because I got the scrubs I’m using now during the talk she had this August where we got free samples of new products (which these were at the time). However, you can see and buy the scrubs on her website HERE.

Sugua Facial Scrub

It removes dead skin and leaves your face glowing. Mix with water (for oily skin), yogurt/milk (for normal and dry skin).Only use once a week or when necessary.



Sugua Body Scrub

Scoop up a little scrub, apply to your body (as desired) in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes then wash it off. Use weekly or as preferred.




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