Skirt Lovin’


Being a typical girl, I must say that skirts are definitely a must have in anyone’s…..any girl’s closet. I for one love skirts mainly ’cause of their versatility. The skirt movement indeed engages all sorts of events and persons so you can rock a skirt from daytime, official, chill day looks to classy, elegant night looks. Skirts can be worn by literally anybody and everybody – all body sizes, that is. I particularly love these skirt trends which I believe are a must have.

1. Slits! Slits!! Slits!!!

Alright! So the fact that you can place the slits anywhere and still look sassy is awesome. This is a new look, I haven’t seen many people rocking it yet…..I don’t have one either….yet. So whatever silhouette of skirt you are rocking, be sure to embrace some skin flashing and slit it up.

2. Skater-Please!

These are extremely chic and work for literally any occasion, be it formal or casual or even worn to the beach. This trend therefore comes in several materials; lace, leather, chiffon… name it. It is definitely figure-flattering however when it comes to the details,I  think my curvaceous friends should definitely stay away from these.PicsArt_1439998402424

3. Ballerina skirts.

Alright, so I was at first skeptical about this look and I would definitely understand if you were too. Rather whimsical, these pieces are definitely a must have! I particularly like these skirts because they are different. If you are out to stand out, this piece is definitely meant for you.


4. African Print Everything.

I honestly wonder why it took us this long to embrace African prints this much. When it comes to skirts, I’d definitely recommend you having at least every skirt trend in African print. There is definitely a flair that it adds to ordinary pieces. Yet again, there’s nothing as beautiful as African fabric adorning those curves!



So maybe this is not a trend but rather a way of being for the skirts. Because I am rather modest and believe in more fabric coverage for my body, the midis are definitely my best friends. Yet still, you can embrace any skirt trend with a midi length thus achieving that lady-like look most especially when working with A-line pieces. For any inspirations….you can always look out for Kim Kardashian, she’s like a Midi-addict.



Yup, maxi it is!! Definitely a must have, it’s amazing for all my carefree ladies… just bump a maxi with almost anything and you are good to go. The maxi definitely adds a laid back bohemian fill to your outfit and is very airy when it gets hot, considering the material used, and yet still, simple and classy.


Clearly, these are not the only trends skirts have to offer….. but these are my top trending ones. Let’s look forward to embracing these amazing pieces and putting some sass in the skirt area in our clothes.


What do you think?