Talking to Solome Nakimuli (better known as @solobangbang on social media) is as enthralling as it is to watch her crazier-than-most antics on your phone screen. As she answers our questions she leaves us with even more question we need answers to. But for now, we are delving into the clothing line that she founded with her colleagues –


NuFro is a black-owned collective out of Cambridge, Massachusetts that simply wants to empower black people and uses art to express the gracious variations of melanin. I started out with two really close friends of mine; Francois and Brian hoping to create through fashion, poetry and music while travelling. We didn’t plan for NuFro to be a clothing line originally but that came to us with time. Like our other partners, Sarah Eustache and Kyia Jones.

In fact, Kyia is the mastermind behind the jackets and I work with her closely on most of the conceptualization and the customizations. Despite the fact that Francois is back in Boston and Brian at Williams College, the group works really well together and one of our biggest achievements is that we have taken our little idea all the way into a business venture this quickly. (NuFro will be making a year in 2 short months!)

We went into this wanting to form a group that creatively empowers people of colour and African descent (like us) and when we finally settled on the name after a lot of brainstorming, we found that Nufro (read: newfro) suited us best. NuFro is short for Nubian Fro, a platform for those of us with misguided identities to come together and create. Nu/Fro are two really powerful words that combined together advocate for black hair and skin.

The fact that we started this being our own backers, supporters and bankrolling it ourselves, we are extremely grateful for the support my family and friends has shown towards this initiative. I get messages from colleagues thanking me for being so inspiring, our models want to buy the outfits straight off the studio shoot, even my high school classmates have been placing orders and getting the word around. All I can say is that it’s all God’s blessings.

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Yes, I’m not based in Uganda but I hope to get some NuFro goodness happening in Kampala this summer 2017. I will be in the country and hope to set up workshops on jacket customizations and sell some Nufro goodies and maybe, do some giveaways. Something is definitely in the works that’s for sure!

Black is powerful and beauty is divine.

Editor’s Note:
The creatives behind NuFro are:
Solome Nakimuli @solobangbang (Uganda)
KYIA Jones @kyiapowpow (African-American)
Sarah Eustache @beautybysa_ (Haitian)
Francois Noel @freemind1026 (Haitian)
Brian Policard @bri_jp (Haitian)

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All photography courtesy of Solome Nakintu on behalf of NuFro and NuFro.

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