Tuesday Treats


Hands up if you’re girl and love your treats (sweet or otherwise) to come in multiples! You too? Great!

I’m really not good at buying just one thing, I swear! I’ll go out to buy one phone-case and come back with two, only varying in colour. I once bought 3 pairs of the same shoe. (Still one of my best buys to date!) In fact, I got my ears pierced so my friends would have to buy me doubles if they ever thought of getting me jewellery! It’s so bad, the list is endless.

But, I digress. This wasn’t about my shopping habits. Recently, I decided that there were a couple of things that were missing in my little beauty bag. So I got to researching, and buying! The research part was to figure out what brand to get that I trusted, was cheap enough for my not-deep-at-all pockets and worked relatively well for dark skin.

I swear even when I google stuff like lipstick for dark/black women, the results I get are for lightskins like Beyoncé, Angela Simmons…..dude, I’m not even sure Gabrielle Union is my shade or lighter. It’s a huge gamble to buy colours online when you don’t know what it’ll look like on you. But it’s a gamble I’m starting to take, until I can get access to some of these store-fronts that cater to DARKER skins. (It’s not a thing in China, even at the M.A.C and Sephora stores)

So what did I end up getting? A bunch of lip stuff, and a brown eyebrow pencil.

♥ – MA

Elf Lip Liner & Blending Brush (natural)


Elf Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick (flirty&girly)


NYX Lip Primer (deep nude)


The Body Shop Lip Butter (shea)


Etude House Brow Pencil & Brush (coffee)



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