Washcloth or Hands?

microfibre washcloth

To use a washcloth or face towel: YAY or NAY? I just read an article on Into The Gloss that pretty much claimed that all cleanser commercials that have ladies eagerly washing their faces without a washcloth are pretty much a lie. And I was like, they are?

According to this post, it is a very responsible adult-like thing to own and use washcloths daily. In fact, it was a given that we all know that it is imperative to remove our cleansers with more than just water and our hands. Yet that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now. In fact, since I started using cleanser. My routine was simple: squeeze out a dollop of cleanser, lather it up all over face and rinse. It’s even simpler now with my facial cleanser bar from Nissi.

foamy hands
But, I still remember the days of the washcloth, or as we used to call it back then: the face towel. Everyone in the house had one, I even took one or two with me on my first day of boarding school. I used it religiously but unfortunately now I see that I was doing it quite wrong. They were cotton which we all know gets more abrasive the more you wash it, I used the same soap I used for all of my body for my face as well (Dettol Juniors or not, I’m not sure that was a wise decision) and the only thorough washing I remember giving my cloth was that wringing and hanging out to dry after a bath. No thoughts about hot water or antiseptic conditions.

Truth be told, that washcloth article had me thinking I should get a washcloth back into my routine. Seven actually, for each day of the week, that I could boil in hot water after and be sure they’re safe. So of course I did some browsing on the internet for muslin wash cloths (these are the softest).

nissi facial cleanser soap

But after some more thought, I’m going to pass for now. I live in university dorms with a shared bathroom; I wouldn’t want to leave this face cloth either in the steamy bathroom nor in our dorm room whose doors are closed most of the time. Prime ground for bacterial growth all around. But, I do have some microfibre towels that I got for my hair that I’m not using, so maybe I’ll use them for this one day. We’ll see. If you are into washcloths and are shopping around for some new (slightly high-end) ones to try, my research yielded splendid reviews for Eve Lom Muslin Cloths and Emma Hardie Dual Action Cleansing Cloths. Both come in packs of 3.

What about you? Are you #TeamWashcloth or nah?


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