Wellness Wednesdays

My school has this weekly health & wellbeing theme called Wellness Wednesdays. Every Wednesday, we get emails on how to keep healthy; there’s a lunch-hour eat&learn with a health expert – think doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists; as well as guided meditation sessions. Why?

I think the reasoning is, as college (read university) students we go through lots of school and life-related stress, probably don’t eat right and/or don’t really know yet or care enough about taking care of our bodies. And so the school is being proactive about changing that.

But actually, uni student or not, the average person in my peer group doesn’t really know how to care for their bodies and even think that anything outside of getting in all three meals of the day is putting in way too much effort.

But is it really? We do live in the era of the “always on fleek”, flawlessness and anti-ageing, after all. And cancer. And I don’t even mean to sound like the bearer of bad news. Besides, paying attention to our body’s wellbeing can reduce the risk of some cancers, and slow down one’s ageing. Looking good starts from the inside out!

And never use the whole “it’s too much work” excuse on yourself: just a few changes in one’s diet, physical activity and sleeping patterns can do a lot in improving your overall health and feel-good factor. I’ll share three that are working well for me, and have seen more and more people in my life, taking up as well.

♥ – MA

Take Note Of What You Eat, Drink More



Move More: Walk, Run, Workout





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